Labour market courses

Continuing education and / or retraining improves the chance of finding a new job. Thus, the educational activities of the BFIs especially focus on training schemes aimed at the (re-)integration of unemployed persons or persons disadvantaged in the labour market.

The pertinent educational and occupational schemes are designed and organised in close co-operation with the Public Employment Service (AMS).

Vocational counselling

Career planning, job application training and psychological counselling form integral parts of our vocational orientation courses. Special measures have been designed for persons facing disadvantages in the labour market, such as unemployed mothers, long-term unemployed and older persons.

Intensive courses for skilled workers

Compact modular education courses are held as a preparation for end-of-apprenticeship examinations. In this way semi-skilled persons or persons who have not completed apprenticeship may obtain the relevant qualifications.

Labour foundations

Established for regions and industries affected by structural change, these foundations are aimed at improving the qualifications of the workers and thus maintaining local resources and creating new jobs. Labour foundations offer specially targeted vocational orientation and educational schemes. A large part of these schemes are carried out by the BFI and they are financed by the Public Employment Service, often in co-operation with companies and workers.